Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sad But True - 10,000 hits on Youtube!

My short film Sad But True has made it to the 10,000 hit mark on Youtube.

Some videos don't make it passed 500, let alone all the way to 10,000.
Thank you everyone that helped work on the film, and everyone else that
has watched, shared, and liked it.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Filming "Never Shared" Promo

Never Shared is the first feature film from writer and director Jason White. It revolves around two couple who in an attempt to have a fun game night, find themselves in bitter arguments the reveal the secrets of the past from both couples. 

Two weekends ago we set aside some time to film a scene from the movie and a few snippets within the script to use for promotional material to build funding for the film.

The promo stars Rod Carlson, Flo  Donell, Michael Solarez, and Pamela Beheshti. The film is, in a sense, a talkie - much like Who's Affraid of Virgina Wolf and Carnage by Roman Polanski. The characters are consistently drinking throughout the scene, which in turn adds to heighten the arguments and conversations.

The promotional trailer for the film should be completed soon, and if the film reaches it funding than filming the full feature will shortly be around the corner. In the mean time you can keep up with updates by following @MakeItMatterPic.

The rest are several pictures that I took over the course of the two day shoot. Stay tuned for updates on the production. 

If you are a filmmaker in the area and would like to help with the full shoot, or if you are also interested in film-making and would like some more experience on set - than shoot me an email or message and we will be sure to add you to the list. 

Never Shared Promotion Cast and Crew  

Ex. ProducerJason White
ProducerRyan McDonald

DirectorJason White

WriterJason White

Director of PhotographyThom Rockwell
Camera A OperatorJackson Kerbs
Camera B OperatorNoah Wilcock
Camera OperatorMatt Johnson
First ADJake Heart
Second ADRyan McDonald

Script Supy Brandie Rich
SoundJaison Costly
BoomJack Powell

GripMatt Johnson
SoundJaison Costly

Hair & MakeupWhitneyJean Smith
BTS PhotographyLevi Easley

Godsend/ 2nd CameraRichard (Matt's Friend)

The Players

Rod Carlson

Michael Solarez

Pam Beheshti

Flo Danelli

Special Thanks Jody Chapman

Only in Ogden

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Short Film - Look Who's Talking

Last year, and the beginning of this, we filmed the new super short film Look Who's Talking. At the time my intention was to make something quick, fast, and easy. However, this film was more challenging that initially imagined.

One obstacle is the that in the short story, 4 minutes of screen time, we have both a dog and a baby. Two things that are often, "No, no's," to the filmmakers guide to success. Working with the dog went really well. Heck, we just used mine.

And working with the baby was exceptionally easy as well. It was finding one that would work that was the real challenge. The first few candidates that we had eventually all fell through. We finally we able to find Mitchell Benjamin Thomas via a casting notice by Jessica Diekman, an amazing casting rep.

None the less the film is nearly ready, almost a year now in the making. Course there were some on and off periods as I was adjusting to newly found parent hood and working on my feature length screenplay The One You Feed.

I drawn up a few ideas for the marking campaign, and am currently working on setting a release date. 

So be on the look out and let us know what you think.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Marketing for The One You Feed

Thinking about how I might market this to prospective viewers and inverters, and sitting here at my desk, I sketched out some ideas that I have for the  marketing campaign.
The color bar with the title The One You Feed is similar in reference to the previous marketing ideas that I had posted. I would drop the "two wolves" myth story and in place add the words - Love, Hate, Joy, Anger, Jutice, Revenge. Which One Will You Feed?

Then have two track-able QR code boxes, one listed, "Love," the other listed as, "Hate."  Each QR code would lead to a separate  30 second trailer would play on the users smart device - one themed with love and the other hate. 

So, yes, we would need to create two style of trailers, but it provokes the view by asking the question and then adds the pay off of a different video at each link. 

The two types of videos would also help support the doppelganger/duality theme that is present throughout the story.

Another thought I have on this would be flyer hand outs that look similar to this - 

This is a bare bones sketch and the final product would have more imagery on it, but the basic concept is present. The front would prompt the question, "Which One Will You Feed."  Then the back side would offer the same two QR codes that lead to the separately themed videos.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

All are welcome, stay tuned for another homework assignment as well as a much needed update on where the script is.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Homework - The One You Feed

This weeks homework assignment is Cameron Crows Vanilla Sky, a remake of the Spanish film Open Your Eyes.

A film about revenge?
- No
 A film with guns?
- No
 An explosions?
- No.

So what gives? Well, Vanilla Sky doesn't have the same traits as other will be later Homework assignments will. It's not really a crime thriller, it doesn't have a killer gang, and a dead wife with a  vengeful husband. 

The film starring Tom Cruise,  is about a millionaire playboy who has everything he wants and also thinks he can have it all, including his best friends date to a party while still entertaining another girl on the side.

The films deals with consequence of choices, a theme that is currently very present the first draft of The One You Feed. The film also has two female leads, one blonde and one brunette - showing their contrast to each other, and our film will have the same. 

 One scene that has always has an impact on me is one in which Tom Cruise meets Penelope Cruz in the park. He has just been in a car accident with Cameron Diaz, at first is lost as to how he woke up in the park. In that moment, he finds that he is in a dream. That he doesn't actually have Penelope with him, and they are not together. 

I love the idea the scene because it shows that even after you have lost someone, you may continue to dream about them. In that dream everything seems real, and your significant other is with you again. However, soon you will wake up and what was a wonderful dream is now a nightmare, because in reality that person is gone forever. 

A scene similar to this will be in The One You Feed - but of course different and more in the context of our storyline.

Here is a trailer for the film, and be sure to complete your homework assignment before next weeks assigned film.